• Toyota Yaris 08/2008-12/2010 Remote Key

Toyota Yaris 08/2008-12/2010 Remote Key

Genuine Toyota Yaris Integrated 2008-2010 2 Button Remote Key

ID67 Texas Crypto Transponder


YarisNCP9# - All Badges08/2008 - 12/2010


You will need an existing Master Key to be able to program the transponder part of this key to your vehicle.

Alternately BorderLocksmiths can Program your new keys into the vehicle diagnostically and erase any lost keys giving you piece of mind.

Lost Keys or Need A Spare Key for your Yaris?

If you have lost your last key Border Locksmiths can come out on site and cut new keys and program them for you on site in our fully equiped mobile workshops.

Or call into our shopfor a spare key TODAY!

Is your existing key a Master Key?

Typically the masterkey is a Black key.

To make sure your existing key is a Master Key do the following:

  • Sit in the vehicle.
  • Find the security light which should be blinking.
  • Insert your existing key and note the behaviour of thesecurity LED.
  • If it goes out instantly your key is a master key and canbe used to add more keys to your vehicle.
  • If it stays on for 2 seconds then goes out it is a Sub Keyand can NOT be used to program additional keys to your vehicle.

Toyota Yaris 08/2008-12/2010 Remote Key

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