Lockwood 001 Touch

Touch screen Keypad
The touch screen keypad has no mechanical buttons which means no trace of your secret pin code.

4-12 Digit pin code
Choose a pin code from 4 - 12 digits, this could be ideal for children or occupants that lose keys on a regular basis.

Key Cards
Program up to 20 Key cards into your lock and have the ability to remove them individually.

Tested in accordance with AS4145.2-2008
The 001Touch has been tested in accordance with the Australian lock standard.

Secure Mode
You have the option to lock the 001Touch with the internal key, the key card and pin number automatically unlocks upon entry. This safety release function minimises the chance being locked inside your house.

Low power consumption
Unlock your door up to 10,000 times with one set of 4 x AA batteries. We recommend the batteries are changed every 12 months regardless.

Outdoor weather resistant keypad
The Keypad is designed to withstand most weather conditions.

 Low battery
When your battery reaches critical level (30%) a warning light will come on reminding you to change the battery.

Battery check function
The battery level can be checked without removing the batteries. With a simple sequence of buttons you can tell if your battery level is between 100% - 30%.

Emergency battery connection
In the event your battery goes flat you have two battery contact points that fit a standard 9V battery, you can place the battery here and power the lock temporarily to enter your pin or key card.

Keypad Case
High purity zinc alloy

Battery cover
High Quality ABS plastic


Stainless steel 18mm projection

Door thickness
32 - 50mm

Only internal cylinder is present. External cylinder is replaced with a keypad and there is no key override

Chrome plate CP

Lockwood 001 Touch

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