• Briton Latching Panic Exit Single Door

Briton Latching Panic Exit Single Door

The Briton range of panic exit door devices provides a selection of products that meet strict building regulations at an affordable price. Their range is suitable for both single and double opening doors.

Features include:

  • Made for single door applications. This model is secured by the latch only and offers no top or bottom locking bars. 
  • Offers immediate exit whilst providing security against unauthorised entry
  • Suitable for doors up to 1300mm wide
  • Suitable for left or right hand openings by reversing of the latch
  • Affordable range of exit hardware compared to many others on the market
  • Activated by a push onto the oval horizontal bar which releases the locking latch
  • Optional model of manual dogging (a feature which holds back the latches for clear access throughout the day)
  • Silver finish
  • If key access is required from the outside of the door, an optional extra is available in the form of a knob cylinder attachment or a lever cylinder attachment.

Note: If a fire rated single door application is necessary, the way to achieve this is by using a B376SE or B379-SE

Briton Latching Panic Exit Single Door

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